Why Do Cats Sleep at Your Feet?

Do you ever wonder why your cat loves to sleep at your feet? There are a few reasons why cats might prefer to sleep near their humans. In this article, we will explore some of the most common reasons why cats like to sleep at our feet. We will also take a look at how your relationship with your cat might affect where it sleeps. So, keep reading to learn more about why cats love to snooze at our feet!

They Feel Protected 

Cats are small and despite their claws and teeth, they’re pretty vulnerable. They’re natural prey for larger animals and like to feel safe. They’re also vulnerable to other predators such as coyotes or hawks if they have access outside of your house. It’s a big world out there for your house cat, but knowing their human is right next to them may just help them sleep a little better. Nighttime is when cats reach their deepest stages of sleep, but they need to feel safe to get their first, so sleeping by your feet may sometimes be the solution for them. 

They Might Be Protecting You

We all know that we’re typically not in mortal danger while asleep, or when other pets come strolling by, but our cats may not know that. In their eyes, taking care of you may actually be their responsibility. Sleeping by your feet throughout the night may actually be their way of displaying their devotion to you. Since you provide them with food, cuddles, and scratches, keeping watch by your feet may just be a small way of returning the favor. 

It’s Less Cluttered Down There

Not all cats are the same, but most prefer things to be neat and orderly – especially when it comes to sleeping. If your bed sheets and covers are all bundled up, it might be difficult for your cat to get comfortable. Cats like to be able to stretch out and curl up in a specific way, so when everything is bunched up it can make sleeping difficult. This might be why cats prefer to sleep at your feet – it’s less cluttered down there, and they can usually find a comfortable spot without too much trouble. The foot of your bed provides a nice, soft, flat surface, which is perfect for your cat to slip away into dreamland. 

They’re Trying to Stay Cool

Cats have a lot of fur (as you probably already know), and things can get pretty hot when you add covers and a human being on top of that. Your body produces a lot more heat than a cat’s does, and this will impact how well your cat sleeps in bed with you. Sleeping at your feet may actually be a way for them to stay cool and comfortable during the night. Plus, cats are attracted to warmth, so sleeping by your feet is like getting the best of both worlds. They get a little warmth from your body heat, but are just far enough away from your core to stay cool enough to sleep comfortably. 

You Might Be a Restless Sleeper

Sharing a bed with another person or animal can be tricky if you toss and turn a lot throughout the night. Your cat will probably find it difficult to stay asleep if you’re moving around a lot, so there’s a chance that they sleep at your feet to avoid getting trampled and woken up every time you roll over. 

They’re Keeping Tabs on You

Cats are curious creatures, and they may be checking in to see what you’re doing from time to time. They might also be making sure that everything is okay before settling down for the night. If you have cats that sleep with you at your feet rather than on the bed (or in their own bed), it could mean that your kitty is a little more anxious or nervous about some change in the environment. 

Where Do Cats Prefer to Sleep?

It’s no secret that cats like to climb, so it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that most cats prefer to sleep in elevated places. This gives them a primal sense of security and safety from predators – the same sense of security they feel when sleeping at your feet. 

Cats also love to sleep in enclosed spaces, which is why they may sometimes sleep under the covers by your feet, or crawl inside a cardboard box. In an enclosed space, they feel protected from all sides, allowing them to sleep well and undisturbed. 

Where Do Cats Sleep in the Wild?

Cats in the wild prefer the same general security while sleeping. Depending on where they live, they may find shelter in a cave, or make a bed hidden in tall grass out of leaves and sticks. Wherever they feel most safe is where they will make their bed. 

Feral cats are no different. You might find feral cats sleeping under a porch, or down inside a storm drain. 

How Your Relationship with Your Cat Affects Where It Sleeps

It’s not always a good thing when your pet sleeps in bed with you. Sharing a bed with your pet can actually negatively impact your sleep, triggering the release of stress-inducing cortisol, and making your life more difficult. But if you’re both heavy sleepers, this may not be an issue at all. 

Your cat may not sleep with you if you’ve upset it in some way – if you bring home a new pet, it may try to keep its distance for a while. After some time though, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be back to the foot of the bed where it feels safe and secure. 


Cats sometimes love to sleep at the foot of your bed. It’s warm and comfortable, but not too hot for them to stay cool. They feel safe there, which helps them get a good night’s rest without having to worry about predators or anything else that might cause them harm. 

If you find yourself keeping your cat out of the bedroom because it keeps sleeping on your feet, consider getting another pet bed for it so it can have its own special place where you won’t be disturbed by its presence while you sleep.