Where Do Hedgehogs Sleep?

There are a number of different places where hedgehogs can sleep. They can choose to sleep in a hole in the ground, inside a tree stump, or even inside an old shoe. Some hedgehogs will even curl up and take a nap on top of someone’s garden fence. As long as there is some type of covering overhead and it is relatively dark and quiet, most hedgehogs will be content sleeping just about anywhere.

When it comes to bedding, most hedgehogs prefer to sleep on something soft. This could be piles of dried leaves, grass clippings, or shredded paper. Some people have also reported that their pet hedgehog likes to sleep on fleece blankets or towels. As long as

In the wild, hedgehogs build nests from leaves, twigs, and stems. They prefer to nest in the comfort and security of undergrowth (hence the name “hedgehog”) like this, as it provides protection from predators such as the owl, and makes them difficult to detect by dogs and badgers. 

When hedgehogs sleep, they curl up into a ball, exposing their spiny backs, which offer further protection from attack. This added security allows them to get the amount of sleep that they need that the stress of being exposed can prevent. 

As you know, the amount of sleep they get each day will vary from one hedgehog to the next. It is also heavily dependent on their environment, the presence of predators, and the availability of food. 

If you have a hedgehog as a pet, it will likely prefer to sleep in a small nest-like structure, or it will make a nest from paper bedding if it’s in a cage. Some options for hedgehog nests include paper bedding, as mentioned already, blankets, or a specialized pouch. It’s hard for them to resist the warmth of fleece to get the rest they need—especially during colder months of the year.