Where Do Foxes Sleep?

Foxes have some strange behaviors, and this does not change when you speak about their sleeping habits. Foxes are adorable creatures, but they are at their cutest when they are sleeping, but their sleeping locations can seem odd to us humans that find the foxes sleeping in areas that do not seem comfortable. But where exactly do foxes sleep?  

Foxes are not extremely picky when it comes to their sleeping locations. Foxes will sleep under a bush, in a tree hollow, or even just out in the open. However, they will look for a location where they feel safe from predators and a location that is dry as they do not like getting wet. 

So, foxes are not too fussy when they are choosing their sleeping locations, but they do still have some requirements needed to ensure they are safe when they are sleeping. In this article, we will look at these requirements, and we will go through all the locations where a fox will sleep. 

So, Where Do Foxes Sleep? 

Foxes are lovable and cute creatures, even more so when they are all curled up and ready to sleep. Foxes are animals known for their den-making abilities, and these dens are where foxes will spend most of their time sleeping only when they have baby foxes known as kits, and they do not really use these dens otherwise. 

The dens that these mother foxes use during the birthing season are large and have multiple rooms for the fox family to sleep in, so they are not squished into a small, confined area. These dens become the fox mother’s life when they have babies, and they will hardly ever leave as they will spend almost all of their time sleeping in there with their babies. 

However, there are some situations where the fox cannot make it back to its den in time, or the fox may find itself in need of a nap during its active hours, or when its time for the fox to sleep in general, it will need to find a safe and comfortable space to sleep. 

Foxes will not usually use the same sleeping location more than once as they will wander around during their active hours and may travel too far from these locations. This means that they will always be on the lookout for their next sleeping location that is warm and safe from predators. 

When these circumstances arise, and the fox needs a spot to sleep, where do foxes choose to make their temporary sleeping locations? Let us go through the locations they would prefer to sleep in and why they would choose them. 

Different Locations Where Foxes Sleep 

Foxes will look for warm and dark locations where they can sleep comfortably without the fear of predators if they have the option. Foxes will try to find a location that is covered by bushes or trees to ensure they are safe when they sleep. 

Some foxes may dig a den if the weather is cold, and the fox does not feel safe. Some foxes may sleep just at the openings of their dens so they can keep an eye on predators, especially if there are kits sleeping in the den too. 

When wild foxes cannot find an excellent location to sleep in or if they are only taking a short nap to re-energize themselves, then these foxes will curl up into a tiny ball as small as they can get so they can keep themselves warm, and they will sleep in this position under a bush or in the hollow roots of a tree, anywhere they can find that is safe. 

To further increase their warmth and to help cover their eyes to make it easier for them to sleep in the location they have found, they will cover as much of their body as they can with their fluffy and extremely bushy tails. 

Foxes Sleep In Dry Locations 

Foxes are animals that enjoy being comfortable, especially when they are sleeping. Foxes do not like to be wet, not when they are awake or when they are sleeping. They will actively avoid water and get wet wherever possible. 

Foxes will actively seek out dry locations to sleep in and will avoid any possible sleeping location that has any amount of water in it. Because of this, you will never find a fox sleeping in an open location if the weather is terrible; this is when the fox will dig a den and sleep there until the bad weather has passed. 

Where Would Foxes Sleep During The Day? 

Foxes are nocturnal creatures, meaning they will sleep during the day, and their active hours will be at night. Foxes will generally sleep in a den, under a bush, or in the hollow of a tree during the day, where they are safe from predators and can stay nice and warm. 

As they sleep during the day, this is the reason why foxes usually cover their faces with their tails as it makes it darker and easier for them to sleep in their open sleeping location under a bush. 

But some foxes would rather sleep during the night and have their active hours during the day. These are the foxes that live in packs and feel safe, so these foxes will be the ones that you will see more regularly around your home, as they may decide to use your garden as their napping location during the day. 


Foxes are cute animals that generally like to cuddle themselves up when they sleep in order for them to stay warm and cozy in their den, or under a tree or bush, or even out in the open, depending on how brave the little creature is. Foxes will sleep just about anywhere as long as the location is safe from predators and the locations are dry and warm; then, the fox will be happy to call it its nap location.