Where Do Ferrets Sleep?

Ferrets in the wild sleep in burrows, or holes dug into the ground. They usually don’t build their own homes—most times they simply occupy the home of their dinner—but they do love to burrow beneath things. So, unlike many animals out in the wild, ferrets like to go couch-surfing and tend to not sleep in the same place every night. 

When you keep a ferret in captivity or as a pet, you should prepare an environment similar to a burrow you’d find in the wild. Ferrets prefer darkness, so make sure that whatever structure you create or purchase for them is completely enclosed, as any amount of light during their sleep cycle might trigger a hormonal response—the ferret will think that it’s springtime and mating season. 

Although there are plenty of ferret beds you can purchase online and at pet stores, they’re not completely necessary. They will provide everything a ferret needs for restful sleep, from complete darkness, to comfort and cushion, but there are more affordable options available if the price is a concern. 

You can easily make the perfect ferret bed out of T-shirts, towels, blankets, and any other type of cloth. Different ferrets have different preferences when it comes to sleeping though, so make sure you give them options. 

All you need to do is make sure that your ferret’s bed is completely enclosed. If it sleeps in a cage, make sure that there are at least two options for it to sleep in, and once the ferret has burrowed into its bed, make sure to cover it with a blanket to keep out any light disturbance during its sleep.