Where Do Deer Sleep?

Deer are reclusive sleepers, which means that they will only sleep in an area that provides camouflage or concealment. To guard themselves against attacks by predators (humans included), deer often move their sleeping spots multiple times throughout the day. 

So, if you ever see a deer roaming the woods during daylight hours, it’s most likely looking for a new spot to get some shuteye—even though they sometimes sleep with their eyes open (more on that later). 

Deer like to sleep in fields with tall grass and foliage, as this provides cover from being seen. Sometimes, deer will even sleep amidst thick bushes or areas with low-hanging trees, as these provide camouflage as well. 

Of course, the areas where deer sleep depends heavily on the terrain and available vegetation. As long as they have camouflage, a food source, and a quick escape route, deer will sleep just about anywhere they feel safe. 

Interestingly, deer have also been known to sleep in bodies of water. In fact, they’re one of the few animals that can swim and rest at the same time! This is because they float so well due to their hollow bones and thick fur coat. So if you’re ever out on a boat in the middle of a river or lake and see some movement in the water nearby, it might just be a dozing deer taking a quick nap.

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